Traffic in Wingrave

July 18, 2016

In light of recent communications via the Postie the council would like to advise that due to councillor shortages and a reduction in the volunteers the Road Safety project has had to take a back seat.

We hope to have two new councillors by the end of the month and from there the council can look to re-assign responsibilities one of which will be road safety.

We, like many villages suffer traffic issues in the form of speeding drivers, excess through traffic and just generally the amount of vehicles in the village.

We have secured funds for a feasibility study to be carried out to ascertain what options would be suitable to calm the traffic in Wingrave. Some issues such as parking are unlikely to be easily resolved as the problem is quite simply not enough spaces and too many cars. This fund whilst agreed had been put on hold due to cuts with the local authority.

Once we are able to focus on road safety again, I do hope all those that are concerned about it will come forward and work cohesively to make Wingrave as safe as possible. Without volunteers there is really only so much the council can do.

I would lastly like to request that people are courteous to one another whilst on the road and most importantly drive slowly and safely whilst travelling throught the village.

Becky Biley
Parish Clerk

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