Business And Employment

October 15, 2012

4.1 Introduction

Wingrave with Rowsham Parish was historically dominated by agriculture but is now predominantly a parish of commuters. Businesses in the Parish include those that serve the local community (such as the shop, pub and garage) and two small business parks, Wingbury Courtyard Business Village to the east of Wingrave and Manor Farm Courtyard, Rowsham.

Within the parish there is a wide range of businesses and enterprises.  There are more than 30 business activities employing over 120 people in the Wingbury Courtyard Business Village and Manor Farm Courtyard, Rowsham and seven agricultural businesses within the Parish.

A short analysis of information in the Wingrave with Rowsham Directory would suggest that there are at least a further thirty-four other businesses or enterprises undertaken within the parish, these include Accountancy and Book-keeping, Builders, Caterers, Chiropody, Blacksmith, Electricians, Plumbers, Hairdressers, Digger Hire, Gardening services, Tree surgery, Kennels and professional consultants etc, plus the Village Shop/Post Office, the Rose and Crown Pub and the Village Garage. 

Whilst these business numbers represent actual activities it is clear that there are parish residents that are in formal employment in businesses outside the parish but they either work either wholly or partly from home.

Any further development in the Parish will be constrained by Aylesbury Vale District Local Plan Policies (See Appendix One: RA28 and RA29)

4.2 Responses to the Parish Questionnaire and Consultations

There were 419 responses to the question in the questionnaire regarding location of employment.  Of these 128 answers, (30%) indicated that the respondents either whole or partly worked from home/in the parish. This was followed by 250 positive answers to the requirement for better broadband for business activities. This is unsurprising as the Wingrave with Rowsham fact pack states that 41% of those parish residents in employment are in managerial and professional occupations.  Such people often work at home. Improved broadband speed for business undertakings in the parish is therefore an important requisite.  With a significant percentage of home workers in the parish it may be appropriate to establish a homeworker network for mutual support and to broaden the expertise available to individuals.

The parish questionnaire asked whether “more small-scale industry or business facilities” were required in the parish.  336 said no 182 said yes and there were 84 questionnaires with no response. What is clear is that the parish does not want any large industrial businesses that employ hundreds or even many tens of staff.  There is support for a small number of additional business units similar to those at Wingbury and Manor Farm Courtyard which host small office type businesses and small business incubator or engineering units. Additionally there was some support for a tea/coffee shop and a farm/community shop; however this is at quite a low level.

4.3 Conclusions and Recommendations

There is a larger number of businesses in the parish than is commonly presumed and significantly a large portion of the working population of the parish either wholly or partly work at home.  Both parish based business and enterprises and home workers would benefit from improved broadband speeds. The parish business activities and home workers would benefit from a homeworker network, offering support and the dissemination of expertise, knowledge and competence, thereby improving business offerings.

There is support within the Parish for a small number of additional business units similar to those at Wingbury Courtyard Business Village and Manor Farm Courtyard at Rowsham.  Farm buildings in and around the villages may be supported as appropriate locations for these types of small business developments.

Within Wingrave there is an on-going need for a Village shop/Post Office, Village Garage, though these need not always be assumed to reside in their current locations.  The Village shop/Post Office in the consultations is clearly a key resource for the parish businesses and enterprises as well as the residents.