Neighbourhood Plan – What it is and how to comment

April 1, 2015

Wingrave with Rowsham Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission draft

Wingrave & Rowsham Neighbourhood Plan

Wingrave with Rowsham Neighbourhood Plan

Pre-submission draft

  1. What is a pre submission draft?

Once the principal matters which the Neighbourhood Plan has to consider have been identified and addressed a draft is prepared. This goes out for consultation to the Parish community and to certain bodies some of whom have a statutory right to be consulted and others we think it sensible to consult e.g. neighbouring parishes.

  1. Does the draft contain everything that will be in the final version?

No. Partly because what you say in the present consultation may cause us to change or add to the draft and partly because some things, such as the evidence base we have used for the Plan and a description of how we carried out consultations, by their nature cannot be prepared until all the work is complete. But the draft does cover all the substantive issues.

  1. Does the draft have to follow a particular pattern?

No. But there are some things we are required by law to include. Most Neighbourhood Plans we have looked at do have broadly similar structures and we see no reason to depart from their approach.

  1. How will the Parish community be consulted?

The draft can be found on the Parish Council website and notices will appear on the Postie and on notice boards telling you how the draft can be accessed. The draft runs to 38 pages and has maps and plans so the cost of producing hard copies for everybody would be prohibitive. Nonetheless some hard copies will be available for those who cannot access it online. They will be available from the Parish Clerk. We intend to invite parishioners to comment on the draft via email to: or in writing to Rebecca Biley, Parish Clerk, 24a Winslow Road, Wingrave HP22 4PS. We also intend to hold a Parish meeting to discuss the draft, watch out for banners and notices on Postie and on notice boards. But as the consultation period will be 6 weeks there may be an opportunity to organise other consultations if that looks necessary. Written and online comments must be received by 16 May 2015.

  1. Do I need to read the draft line by line?

We really do recommend that you do. But some parts of it are particularly important. They deal with the way we think the Parish should develop and the policies that should govern that. But remember, the Plan is about physical development- housing, business growth, green spaces, etc. It will be the framework into which future planning applications will have to fit.

  1. Which bits should I read if I’m extremely busy?

All of it but, if that’s impossible, then:

  • Environmental constraints, pages 10 and 11, paras. 1.20-1.22 This indicates where environmental issues could have a major effect on development.
  • The Planning Policy Context, pages 12-14, paras. 1.23-1.30. These paragraphs should help you understand how our Neighbourhood Plan will fit in with AVDC’s overall plan and policies for the District.
  • Vision and Objectives, pages 23 and 24, paras. 3.1 and 3.2. These set out the principles underlying what the Plan is trying to achieve.
  • Land Use Planning Policies, pages 25-34, paras. 4.1-4.29 there is quite a lot to read here but it is the core of the Neighbourhood Plan. It sets out the development issues the Plan must address, the way we have tried to address them, the sites on which housing development should take place and, in some detail, the constraints on that development site by site. And it deals with other related development issues.

If much of what you read looks familiar, don’t be surprised. The Plan is derived from what you have said or written especially during the various consultations from the Community Plan right up to the most recent one on the choice of sites.


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group