Why do we need a Community Plan?

October 23, 2012

The Community Plan is the Parish’s response to the Government’s “localism” initiative.

It has been compiled and written by the Localism Group set up by the Parish Council but is very much a reflection of the views expressed by all those of you who participated in the various consultation events which the Group undertook.

The Plan is not a set of generalised hopes, it is a down to earth analysis of the concerns and opportunities for the Parish which you have highlighted. It is intended to lead to action. Some of the issues you have raised can be taken on by the Parish Council which is already setting up working groups to make detailed proposals.

Some cannot be managed mainly or even at all at Parish Council level and so we shall work with others involved such as AVDC and Bucks. C.C. to produce solutions where we can. In the shorter term lack of money may limit what we can do but the Community Plan is not just for the short term. The important thing is that we are making a start.

A lot of people have put a great deal of work into the Plan, especially the members of the Localism Group. The Parish Council owes everybody who helped a debt of gratitude – thank you. Councillor Tina Morgan who acted as “director of operations” throughout the planning process deserves particular thanks.

You have shown how you want your Parish to develop. Now we all have to try to make it happen.

David Neave

Chairman, Wingrave with Rowsham Parish Council