Parish Consultation ends on 17th May at 6.00pm

May 8, 2015

The Parish consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan MUST END at 6.00pm on Sunday 17 May.  We want to hear from you whether you accept the Plan or want to change it.  Only if as many people as possible respond, whatever your views, can the final version properly reflect the general feeling of the Parish.

There are lots of things in the draft which aren’t about site development (and some that are) and we want your comments and ideas on any and all of them.

So far not much has been said about who we think the new homes should be for (for example, people with strong Parish connections who can’t at present afford to live here, older people who want to downsize, young families) or the sort of homes we want built. Nor about the amenities that should go with the new homes. But feel free to comment on ANY of the issues in the draft.


Remember; get your views to the Parish Clerk by 6.00pm 17 May. online:  or 24A Winslow Road.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t circulate you comments via Postie as well but if you want your comments to be considered they must be submitted to the Parish Clerk

The draft is on the Parish Council website Hard copies are available from the Parish Clerk.

Neighbourhood Development Group,

7 May 2015

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