Ongoing Foul Sewage Problems in Wingrave

December 11, 2018

You will be aware of future housing development in the village, which will impact on foul sewage issues.  Thames Water is responsible for the foul sewage system in the village.  In all circumstances if you are aware of a foul sewage problem in the village please report it to Thames Water on their emergency number 0800 316 9800 which is a 24-hour hotline.  Thames Water will respond and deal with the problem. If you resolve the problem yourself there will be no official record of the incident and officially it never happened.

Please report such incidents to the Parish Council via the Parish Clerk either by completing the slip below and posting to the Clerk or via the Email below reporting the same details as on the slip:-

Rebecca Biley

24A Winslow Road



It is preferable that the reports are made either using the slip in the PDF download below or by Email as such reports have legal status and phone call reports can be dismissed as “hearsay”.  If necessary, a telephone report can be made to Bron Hughes; Landline : 01296 681 684, or Mobile : 0777 883 8850, and a follow up written report will be produced.   It is imperative that the Parish Council is informed of all foul sewage problems so that the Council can compile a log of all incidents as part of its evidence for improvements.

Ongoing Foul Sewage Problems in Wingrave 2018 12 01

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