Alison Barlow

Position: Councillor

I first moved to Rowsham in 1997. My husband and I are local sheep farmers, our farm is located in neighbouring Hulcott. We previously farmed in Wingrave for several years. We have a daughter who is studying at university, having attended local schools here in Aylesbury Vale. She breeds and shows her own flock of pedigree North Country Cheviot sheep, competing at various local shows including the Bucks County Show and Winslow Show.

I work in the IT industry, mostly working from home here in Rowsham.

As a child I spent quite few years living in Prague, in what was then Czechoslovakia, when I developed a deep love of the country, its culture and its people.

I am passionate about rural affairs, the protection of the countryside and wild life and the need to ensure food security for this country. I enjoy walking in the countryside, observing the seasonal changes and being outdoors. My favourite time of year is lambing time, when our attention is focused on the arrival of new life on the farm. It’s also the most exhausting time of year for us!

I look forward to serving as a parish councillor and working as part of the team for the good of this parish and its residents.