Cala Homes Update 31st July

July 30, 2021

Cala Homes Update
31st July 2021

This follows a meeting between Cala (Wade Johnson and Sam Baker), Bron Hughes (local resident liaising between community and Cala) and Jan Walmsley, Parish Council.

Bron raised a series of issues:

Work starting on 4 days recently around 7.45, contravening the agreement to start at 8. Cala promised to take action and remind their own employees and contractors to abide by the agreement.
On one occasion Saturday work continued till 2 pm, contravening the agreement to finish at 1. Cala knew who this was, and will take it up with him and his employer
Height of houses. Cala assured us that this was being carefully monitored and surveyed before building begins to ensure no houses exceed the limits in the planning application
On occasion, the school has events involving large numbers of students and families after 3.30. If Cala are informed they can try to stop lorry movements on these days. Bron will liaise.
The new sign asking lorries to move straight onto site is welcome, but needs to be more strategically positioned.

Looking ahead
There will be no banksman at the end of 12 Leys to prevent lorry movement at school drop off times during school holidays. Every effort will be made to coordinate lorry movements so that they are not backed up on 12 Leys, and they drive straight onto site.

Cala will seek to do as much concreting as they can over the holiday period as this entails a lot of lorry movements.

There will be a partial road closure in 12 Leys to allow for drainage and resurfacing works. It is hoped to do this during August.

Some of the new properties will have electric car charging points.

Cala have reviewed landscaping plans and have taken biodiversity into account, will be planting grass mixed with wild flowers on both the area around the pump station and the open space adjacent to plots 28 and 29.

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