Wingrave with Rowsham Neighbourhood Plan – Twelve Leys Development

July 11, 2016

The Parish Council asked for volunteers to participate and become members of its Working Group liaising on behalf of local residents with the developers, of the Twelve Leys site in the Neighbourhood Plan. Volunteers met with a representative of the Parish Council and were presented with the information available from the developers “Cala Homes” and the prior response to Cala Homes at their initial presentation of their proposals.
Bron Hughes, and Paul Hardy agreed to become members of the Working Group, which now includes a Nup End Lane representative, Mark Hunt, a representative of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, David Godfrey, a Parish Councillor, Les Kennedy Chairman of the Group and point of contact for developer, plus a previously agreed Twelve Leys member Bev Reekes. The Working Group is now complete and will endeavour to liaise with developers to achieve the best outcome of the development for the community and all stakeholders. The Working Group will provide timely reports and recommendations to the Parish Council in regard to the developer’s plans

Kind regards

Becky Biley
Parish Clerk
Wingrave with Rowsham Parish Council

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