Report on WILD Launch 2nd November 2021

November 29, 2021

It was great to see 33 people at the launch of this group, hosted by Wingrave with Rowsham Parish Council, which aims to protect and enhance the natural environment of the village and surrounding countryside for the benefit of wildlife, and the enjoyment and well being of residents.

The good news is that we have secured funding from the Community Board for this group to buy wildflower seeds, native bluebell bulbs, an information board, and to pay for room hire.

At the launch, we had 2 presentations, one by Nick Marriner, Chilterns Conservation Board, who enthused us about the value of local wildlife monitoring. The second by Zietta Ward who showed photos of flowers and insects she has found in Wingrave with Rowsham.

We gave out small packs of wildflower seeds to those who wanted them.

A discussion followed as to what people might like to see:

  • Family wildlife walk, bat, butterfly, etc. outdoor walks
  • Indoor education sessions on birds, wild flowers, butterflies, insects likely to be seen around the village and nearby
  • BioBlitz – set aside 24 hours and organise shifts of observers to capture data on all types of birds, animals, butterflies, bats, flowers …
  • Build on bird surveys done by David Snow and when the Rowsham windfarm was proposed. David Godfrey has an impressive list of birds seen, and is offering a pint to anyone who sees a ring ouzel.
  • Intensive surveys of 3 or 4 small areas – pond, wood, wild grass and hedgerow – led by Val Godfrey
  • Working groups on the Anniversary wood, and areas which seem likely for wild flower planting.
  • Hedge laying
  • Moth traps, owl boxes
  • Worst kept garden award
  • Whackiest insect photo competition
  • Whether wildlife monitoring can help to keep developers away ….

There was also a discussion of the unfinished landscaping at Elm Leys. As no one from Elm Leys was present, the discussion was inconclusive.

Volunteers to be part of a Steering Group were recruited. This group will build a timetable of events for 2022, with individuals nominated to lead different activities.

We also intend to set up a monitoring system which will enable us to record on I-Record, then retrieve everything in the Parish using a System developed by Bucks and MK Environmental Records, for a cost of £52.

We are grateful to the Methodist Church for allowing us to use the Church rooms without payment, pending the outcome of our Community Board application.

Jan Walmsley
Photo Credit : Golden Plovers in the sky above Wingrave, March 2020, photo courtesy Jane Read.

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