Hannah Price

Position: Councillor
Phone: 07570 981036

I’ve lived in Wingrave since 2017. I’m originally from Liverpool and moved around the country for ten years, coming to Buckinghamshire for work as an atmospheric scientist. When I moved to Wingrave I was keen to get to know the local community and hopefully do something useful. I had a bit of spare time and I like listening to people, so I joined the Parish Council in 2018. I’m a bit younger than the average Parish Councillor, but I think it’s important for all generations to be involved in local decision-making, so here I am! As a councillor, I always try to listen to the local community and make fair, evidence-based decisions that benefit as many people as possible.

Local councils have a part to play in tackling the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, so I’ll always push for positive environmental actions. I helped propose that the council create a wildlife verge on Mill Lane by reducing the amount of mowing. I hope this will soon be one of many such wildlife areas in the Parish. Along with Jeremy Pugh and Jan Walmsley, I plan to organise a working group to carry out some maintenance work on the Jubilee Wood. I also hope to work with the Community Board to get an electric vehicle chargepoint installed in Wingrave, and plan to work with fellow allotmenters to supply an Aylesbury food bank with surplus produce.

Since becoming a councillor, I’ve chaired the Wingrave with Rowsham Traffic Action group, co-ordinating slow-down fortnights and a Twenty’s Plenty campaign alongside a fantastic group of volunteers. I want to see the needs of vulnerable road users – pedestrians and cyclists, especially children, older people and people with disabilities – prioritised over motorists. I helped the traffic group get funding from the county council for a speed indicator sign, and have nearly (work imminent!) got Transport for Bucks to change the lines on Dark Lane so that they highlight how narrow it is. Making active travel safe and appealing is a huge way that we can contribute to the health and wellbeing of local people, and reduce our carbon emissions. Along with many others, I am pushing for a safe cycle path between Wing and Bierton as part of the Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board.

I’d like to help increase the range and availability of outdoor exercise facilities in the Parish. I think it would be great to have some outdoor fitness equipment installed at the Park or the Rec, which could be used and enjoyed by a wide range of people at no cost. When new homes are built in the Parish, I am keen to see smaller, lower cost housing being prioritised over the larger units that developers often favour. This would provide more affordable homes for renters and first time buyers, and more options for older people wishing to downsize.