Alison Barlow


I first moved to Rowsham in 1997. My husband and I are local sheep farmers, our farm is located in neighbouring Hulcott. We previously farmed in Wingrave for several years. We have a daughter who is studying at university, having attended local schools here in Aylesbury Vale. She breeds and shows her own flock of […]

Jill Flanders

Parish Clerk and RFO

Although I do not live in the village my husband manages and works at Wingrave Garage and I have owned property in the village for over 20 years.  We have two children at secondary school. Before children I worked as a fee earner in a local Solicitors specializing in Land Law and Conveyancing and prior […]

Jeremy Pugh


Hi my name is Jeremy, many of you in the village know me as Jez, you can call me either. My wife Julie and I have been in the village for about 21 years, we used to live on Winslow Road for about 10 years then moved to Castle Street some 10 years ago. Both […]

Gavin Chater


I have lived in Wingrave since October 2014, together with my wife Tracey and our two boys.  As some will be aware, I have been Chair of WWRSAL (Wingrave with Rowsham Sports and Leisure) since 2018. I have previously held similar roles when in Outback Australia as a general committee member of the Roxby Downs […]

Em Farrell


I have lived in Wingrave for nearly 2 years now. Having long been interested in the process of politics and how decisions are made I decided to stand for election as Parish Councillor. Parish Councillors give their time, unpaid to to try and make their community a better place. My father was a parish councillor, […]